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Spaten-Franziskaner Brewery signs sponsorship with the BMW Car Club of America to become the “Official Social Partner” of the BMW CCA. This partnership is a true marriage of like-minded brands and lifestyles with both brands having a long heritage of being produced in Munich and both being known for their quality and tradition as the best of Munich. Spaten will provide support through sponsorship involvement, monthly advertising in the Roundel club magazine, website advertisements, and event sponsorship with on-site support marketing. In addition, Spaten will focus on providing additional value to BMW CCA members through programs such as a VIP Oktoberfest trip to Munich sweepstakes, free brewery tours, and responsible drinking campaign focused on the use of designated drivers and taxi transportation.

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Also known as the “German Purity Law” of 1516 that placed a regulation on the production and solicitation of beer in Germany.