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[Kris - kin - dill - mart]

A famous, open air, Christmas market in Munich, Germany where traditional German crafts, sweets, food, mulled wine and other delights are available for purchase.

Christkindlmarkt is so famous that it is often imitated in cities around the world.

More Info:

According to some sources, Christmas markets have been a German tradition since the 14th century. Town records first mention a "Nicholas Market" in the Kaufinger Strasse near the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) in 1642.

Christmas markets, known as Christkindlmarkts, were a festive meeting place for people were an especially joyous, anticipated event, as they brought light and laughter to a cold, dark season. Villagers bought and sold homemade Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts. Traditional German handicrafts at the markets included hand carved nutcrackers, wooden smokers, wooden figures, cuckoo clocks, straw ornaments and blown glass ornaments. Local tradesmen sold their wares at the market while food and beverages produced in the region were served. Each Christkindlmarkt has a unique, individual flavor.



[Awk - tow - ber - fest]

A traditional festival in Munich, Germany which originally celebrated the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810.